Thursday, November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman has passed

One of the principle defenders of Liberalism of the past century, Milton Friedman died today at the age of 94.

Here is a great interview from a recent WSJ:


At 94, his work was as done as it was going to be. His death is a symbolic one. But oh, what a symbol.

Who is left to represent us? Who will be the standard-bearer? The Republicans have shown what they do with total power. The Democrats never pretended to represent such ideals (despite having stolen the name of Liberalism for the better part of a century). It will not be a politician.

Fresh views from afar? Europe is crumbling in a chaotic din of cultural takeover that a morally impotent continent is unable to withstand in light of their spineless political correctness and Orwellian overlords in Brussels. Perhaps someone from a former Bloc state with first hand experience of having walked the Road to Serfdom.

If I didn't have faith that God is in control of it all, I'd be near despair.

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